Saturday, January 31, 2009

Finally back!

Crikey! (Thank you for that luvely word Steve Irwin! Love how it just snaps off the tongue)
What a month it has been.

Amidst moving to a new apartment and waiting for what has seemed an eternity to get back online (I had withdrawal-honestly!)
I missed out on the quarterly bloggy carnival:-(
Oh well, I hope everyone else got in lots of entries along with discovering cool new blogs to read.

And it is just not the same trying to keep up with things on someone else's
Even using my laptop while tapping onto a hot spot is just not as comfortable as happily surfing in my own little space.
Kinda like trying to read the paper at a crowded bus stop with others peeking over your shoulder.

So farewell to January.
Now if only saying goodbye to Winter could be so easy.

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