Monday, February 23, 2009

My Experience With EyeBuyDirect.Com

Remember around 2 weeks ago I posted that I'd just taken advantage of a great sale at .
I promised that I'd let you know how everything turned out when my glasses arrived,
and I'm happy to say that I'm feeling like one very savvy consumer right now.

I bought 2 pair of prescription glasses using my own prescription during their buy one-get one promotion.
I spent a grand total of $31.90 including shipping.
My glasses have arrived and I have been wearing them and I have to say
the prescription is spot-on perfect.

They came packaged in a see-thru hard-shelled magnetic case with a cleaning cloth and a 5% off coupon for my next purchase-and I will definitely shop there again.
They took around 12 days to arrive from the time I ordered them, but I consider that a minor inconvenience when I think of all the money I saved.

I wish I had discovered online optics before last summer, when I shelled out close to $300 for a pair of glasses from my optometrist-in fact I could kick myself.

Now you might be thinking "Damn Girl, how many pairs of glasses do you really need?"
My answer is that I didn't need 20 pairs of shoes last year when had their big sale but By George, I know a good deal when I see one!

So if you have been thinking about trying online shopping for your next pair of glasses, I urge you to march into your optometrist's office and get a copy of your prescription, if you don't already have it in your possession. Don't be shy about it-they are required by law to provide you with this information.

Just because you got your eye exam from them, it does not obligate you in any way to have your glasses made by them.
After all, would your doctor write you a script for an antibiotic and then tell you which pharmacy to use?
Of course your optometrist is not going to tell you this.
I know mine didn't.
I shake my head when I recall how he led me like a lamb to slaughter to his chair and began shoving frames at me.
Sure put a big dent in my pocketbook.

Anyhoo-live and learn...and see clearly!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Beautiful, Affordable Jewelry!

A few days ago I found this wonderful jewelry site while browsing about and I ordered
a lovely necklace and earring set.
They arrived today(very fast shipping) and I am so delighted with my purchase. It is such a gorgeous designer look that looks and feels much more expensive than it was..shhh...
If you love beautiful jewelry that won't break the bank you should hop on over and check out Lady Lynns Boutique!
Take a look around and be sure and check out her blog

She has several fantastic giveaways going on right now.:-)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

You Know You're Tired of Winter...

Ugh...more snow on the way:-(
At this point-NOT one of my favorite things.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You Know You Need a New Handbag When...

I was just over at
drooling over the Nicole Lee collection and just generally browsing about the site,
when I stumbled upon their blog
and I was amused at the answers people had posted to the question "8 Signs You Need a New Handbag"

I thought I'd list a few of my own here.

You know you need a new handbag when...

1)You decide to clean out your bag and find receipts from the grocery store dated from 2 years ago.

2)You check your wallet and the photos of your teenage kids are all from when they were in grammar school.

3)You find an old squashed pack of ciggs at the bottom of your purse and you kicked the habit 6 months ago.

4)Any time your best friend gets a new one.

5)Any time your husband or boyfriend buys something for his car/truck/boat.

6) Any time you buy new shoes.

8) Any time you start a new job or get into a new relationship. Fresh starts are wonderful.

9)Any time you hate your new haircut. You need something to make you feel better while it grows out.

10) and finally..You know you need a new handbag when You're watching old family videos from your dearly departed Grandmas 90th birthday party and you see yourself in the video, carrying the bag that is presently sitting on your kitchen counter. You suddenly remember that Grandma has been gone for 5 years.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Where Did I Put My Glasses?

Today I opened my email to find a fabulous sale going on at
Now I have blogged before about how wonderful and easy it is to buy prescription glasses online.
Not to mention you save tons of money.
Well today eyebuydirect offered BOGO!
I clicked on over and spent a total of $31.90 for 2 pair of prescription glasses.
Love it!
Now when they arrive I will give my full report but until then you should really check them out.
If you would like the opportunity to just win a pair go and check out
From Melissa's Desk

She's having a giveaway for a free pair and there are several ways to get extra entries.
Here's L@@king at you kid!