Monday, June 29, 2009

Get Your Read On #2

My Forbidden Desire by Carolyn Jewel.

This is for all of you paranormal fans. How about some sexy, romantic paranormal?
And even for those who don't usually delve into this genre, the reviews look promising.
I'm going to give this one a whirl...that is, if I am lucky enough to win a copy.
After all, it's more fun when you win it!

Here's the big list of blogs that are participating in the tour and promotion.
Feel free to get your entries in as many as you want to increase your odds.
Many are giving away up to 5 copies,
Good Luck!

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Morbid Romantic - June 28 review, giveaway, and Q&A
Debbie's World of Books - June 28
Yankee Romance Reviewers - June 28 giveaway
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Undercover Book Lover - June 28 giveaway and Q&A
Bookin' With Bingo - June 28
Marta's Meanderings - June 28 review and giveaway
My Guilty Pleasures - June 28 review and giveaway
Starting Fresh - June 28 review and giveaway
Bloody Bad - June 28 review and giveaway
Must Read Faster - June 29 review and giveaway
Love Impossible - June 29 review and Q&A
Seductive Musings - June 29 review and giveaway
Review From Here - June 29 review
Books and Needlepoint - June 29 review; giveaway
Wendy's Minding Spot - review, giveaway, and Q&A
Maria's Space - review and giveaway
Carol's Notebook - June 29 review, giveaway, and possible Q&A
Horror and Fantasy Book Review - June 29 review and giveaway
Darby's Closet - review

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vanity Fair #75266

Last week I went bra shopping. This was out of extreme necessity due to the fact that my underwear are truthfully, the most neglected part of my wardrobe.
Most of my disposable income goes towards cute shoes and handbags and the occasional shiny baubles for my ears or wrists.

I generally ignore my underwear until they are raggedy and falling apart.
I wasn't brought up this way mind you.
My mother would shake her head and cluck"for shame,for shame" if she were to go through my lingerie drawer today.

Then she would place all the blame on my Yankee husband (and I would let her)
as being too "insensitive or cheap" to buy me nice unmentionables.
For you see, she dragged me at the age of 12 to Miss Debbie's Women's Apparel Shop to have me fitted for my first bras, and I endured long lectures on the importance
of proper fitting and well made underpinnings.

So it wasn't her fault. She raised me right.
It's not that I didn't care about these lessons, it's just sort of a "out of sight-out of mind" kind of thing with me.
She blamed my poor unsuspecting husband but all the time it was me.
Sorry Mama.
Sorry Yankeeman.

So last week I found myself in the lingerie department at Macy's, totally mystified.
When did all of the bras become padded?
Rows and rows of beautiful, perfectly sculpted boulder holders.

Now I'm no Dolly Parton, but my "girls" have never needed any help either.
Every single bra from size A to Double D had enough foam lining to stand alone.
You can't lay these flat in your drawer either unless it's deep.
They need to be on hangers.
I need more closet space. here I sit wearing my lovely new padded bra.
The overall look is a nice and smooth silhouette. A definite improvement.
and I must admit-it's very comfortable.
Can't help feeling a little deceptive though.
I think I'll go buy some tight tee-shirts now. ;-)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Need Your Vote!

Quick Poll here!

I need as many people as possible to go here
and either choose whether you "Love" or "Hate" this shoe.
That's all. No signing up for anything. Just click either the heart "love"
or the X "hate" symbols in the green box.

Yes, I am trying to win a contest here. I need as many votes one way or the other that I can gather in 24 hours!
WooHoo! Thanks in advance! Remember click HERE to vote. There is no right or wrong answer, just vote!

Get Your Read On

Anne Rivers Siddons.
I've loved this author ever since I first read Peachtree Road all these many moons ago.
She often writes of the South, and paints such a vivid picture with her words that I feel I am there again.
Her books have got me through many a cold New England winter, but I admit I do feel a little homesick for all things southern after I read one.

Many of the blogs I frequent are having a giveaway right now for one of her more recent novels titled Off Season.
I haven't personally read this one yet but it is on my TBR list.
If you'd like to try and win a copy just click on any or all of the following links and enter.

Luxury Reading

A Hook... A Line... And A Girl

Peeking Between The Pages

Socrates' Book Reviews

A Bookworm's World

Hot Deals By Bec

Drey's Library

A Sea of Books

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All About {n}

Bibliophiles 'R' Us


Chaotic Compendiums

Chick Loves Lit


So Many Books, So Little Time

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I won from! Twitters Best Kept Secret.

Two of my favorite things came into combination last week.
Twitter and Shoes!

Let me explain.
I usually tweet from Tweetdeck and I have my columns set up so that when certain words are tweeted I will see the tweets that contain them.

Two of my favorite words are Giveaway and Shoes so last week when Supershoes_com tweeted the magical
phrase of "Shoe Giveaway"
I was all over it like a hawk on a garter snake!

It was a live twitter contest where anyone could play and Supershoes_com asked a question and provided a hash tag to use when the players submitted their answers.
The whole thing lasted about an hour and you were allowed to give as many different answers as you could think of.

Naturally, my fingers were flying as I submitted my tweets
because the prize was any pair of shoes I wanted from their Sofft line.
This was war-and I was determined.

Now I am sitting here admiring my lovely pedicure that is beautifully showcased
by my fabulous Figi Sandals by Sofft.:-)
Those very ones pictured above.
Take a moment and check out all the awesome shoes at

And go to twitter and follow Supershoes_com.
Seriously, they had another live contest just today.
You never know when they might have another, but if you're not following them
then you won't see their tweets and you'll miss out.

Of course, you know that you'll be competing against the Master.;-)
Don't say you haven't been warned.;-D

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bloggy Award Time!

I received a lovely kudos from a most fabulously funny gal
The Peach Tart today and I want to pass it on to a few of my favorite spots also.

I'd pass it to Cult Diva of Pretty But Shallow but she already has one ;-)

So without further ado, I bestow this lovely award to the following people
who are some of my favorites from my most Fabulous Blog Roll.

1- Bantering Blonde

2- Blogmania

3- Mandatory Blog Here

4- Chic Book Reviews

5- My Friends Are Sluts

6- Ordinary And Awesome

7- Our City Lights

8- I don't Care For Your Tone

So accept this reward ladies, 'coz your writings brighten my day!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

L@@K! Coach Handbag Giveaway at A Purse Full of Cheerios!

I love to twitter and I love to read other tweeples tweets!
Wanna know why?
Because I learn about the most awesome giveaways like this one going on right now at A Purse Full of Cheerios.

She's giving away this beautiful Coach Ali Signature Flap Bag.
So what are you waiting for?
Get over there and enter!

Winner will be announced Sunday, June 21st.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Now I'll Get That Pedicure!

After buying those cute little nothings of a sandal(see previous post)
and reading The Peach Tarts
aptly titled "Didn't Your Mama Teach You Better about those Unkempt Feet" post,
I knew I had to do something with these withered old dogs of mine.

After all, why buy pretty, strappy shoes when your feet look like you have been walking barefoot in a gravel pit for the past 10 years?
I've really neglected my feet.

The weather is so crappy up here that they spend a great portion of the year encased in socks and boots or water-proof moccasins.
I rarely think of them unless they are cold or tired.
Other than making sure they don't smell and trimming the nails, (the latter usually after the old man makes a snide comment)I pretty much take them for granted.

I thought about going over to the local nail place but frankly, I was just too embarrassed. (Yes I am one of those women who if I had a maid, I would tidy up before she came.)
So, off I go in search of a PedEgg at my local Walgreens.
No PedEgg in stock.:-(

Instead I bought another product called Pedi-Expert by Revlon.
It looks similar and works on the same principle-good enough for me.
I got it home and went to town on these puppies. Afterwards, I liberally applied some lotion to them.

Guess what?
It works!

My feet are so soft and smooth-I am ashamed I let them go for so long.
The old man actually let me put them in his lap and held them while he watched his beloved Red Sox. By God, I think he would have actually massaged them if I'd whined a little.

Anyhow-another marvelous product from my old standby-Revlon.
(Although, I'm pretty sure that had I bought the PedEgg, the results would have been the same):-)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Impulse Shopping

I saw a lady trying these on at DSW the other day.
I immediately coveted them, and searched in vain at the clearance rack that she got them from.

Not finding another pair like them, I slyly stalked her throughout the store, hoping that she'd change her mind and put them back. I briefly contemplated swiping them as she sat them down to dig around in her purse.
Of course the hag bought them and merrily went on her way.

So I get an email. From DSW online.
They're having a sale.

I tell myself that I am not going to buy-just going to browse as I click over to the site.
Unless of course I actually find those exact shoes.

Even if I find those exact shoes, I'm only going to look...
Unless they actually have my size in stock...
...And they have free shipping.

They had the shoe.
They had my size.
They had free shipping.

Some things were meant to be.:-)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Win it! HP Mini netbook at Blissful Style

How cool is this?
This tiny little laptop, or netbook, or notebook, or whatever you want to call it!

It's so cute and it fits right into your purse. And for something so small, it carries a lot of powerful features. Check them out at the Official HP website

Then head over to Blissful Style and enter to win this darling little gizmo.
Contest ends June 8th, 2009 at 11:59 PM

Monday, June 1, 2009

Join The Party at Drey's Library!

Drey's Library is having a delightful contest starting today.
Her birthday is coming up and she's having a wonderful giveaway of the winners choice between 12 different titles if you can guess her birthday!

There are several ways you can get extra guesses but you have to go HERE to find out how.

OK, time to put my "psychic" hat on and see if I can get an entry.
See you there.:-)

Oh and by the way...Happy Birthday Drey!

contest ends:June 30th