Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Won at Hip Mama's Place!

I'm tooting my own horn here everyone, but I was so excited to learn that I won the Aurora bracelet by Twisted Silver at Hip Mama's Place.

Ok. It's pretty obvious that I love giveaways and I enter a lot of them.
Nothing wrong with that-who doesn't love winning stuff?

Problem is, I'm not really that lucky but however-I am persistent!
And yesterday it paid off.
Now in case you missed my post below, you need to click HERE and go to Hip Mama's Place and check out all of her fabulous giveaways.
Who knows? You just might be the next person to announce
"I Won at Hip Mama's Place!"

New Twisted Silver Giveaway at Hip Mama's Place

I am always on the lookout for a Twisted Silver promotion and another one landed in my inbox today.
I subscribe to Hip Mama's Place emails and today I learned that she has a fabulous Twisted Silver giveaway up for the recently released Old World bracelet.
You can enter to win this gorgeous bracelet until May 6th but please read the rules
in the post-they are very specific as to what you need to do to gain entries.
Click HERE to go directly to the post.
Good luck.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Win a Good Night's Sleep at Blissful Home

Everyone needs a good night's sleep but not everyone gets one(hint):-)
I found a great giveaway today at Blissful Home.

They are giving away one of those fabulous Sleep-Number beds by Select Comfort that the Bionic Woman is always talking about on the tv ads.
Now all of us "kids" from the 70's recall that Lindsay Wagner aka Jaime Sommers
recieved bionic legs, an arm and bionic hearing after her terrible skydiving accident.
Evidently though she just kept her regular human spine so she ended up with backaches and sleeping problems just like the rest of us.

Not anymore though, coz' she has the Sleep-Number bed baby!
I want one too-Do you? Click here
and get your entry in.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

$50 Dollar Wal-Mart GC Giveaway at Mandatory Blog Here

Do you follow Mandatory Blog Here?
I do-have for a while.

I enjoy reading her posts-She shoots from the hip and I love snarky humor!
Like this one-Super Baby To The Rescue

and Fashion Flubs
Lol-now that basically happened to me too, only it was my Mother-in-law!

Pop over and check out her blog by clicking here and while you're there you can enter her contest for a $50 Wal-Mart gc.
But stay and read a while-you'll be glad you did.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Steamboy T1 Giveaway at Focus Organic!

I have seriously been considering purchasing one of the steam mops that I keep seeing on tv and on the web.
One in particular that I keep reading excellent reviews about is the Steamboy T1 from Reliable Corporation.
I really want to do away with chemical cleaners and steam seems like the way to go.
Good for my family and good for the environment!
Right now there is a review and giveaway going on at the Focus Organic website.
I'm entering and so should you. Click here to get your hat in the ring.

This giveaway ends on Saturday, May 9th.

Mother's Day Giveaway Event at 5 Minutes For Mom

The annual Mother's Day Giveaway event kicks off today at 5 Minutes For Mom
and it promises to be spectacular!
Prizes include a laptop computer, designer purses, a digital camera,and jewelry just to get started-all in all there are thousands of dollars of prizes to be awarded!

This event will run until Saturday May 9th and the winners will be announced on Mother's Day, May 10th.
Good luck and see you there!

Mothers Day 2009

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Vado HD Pocket Video Review and Giveaway at The Dirty Shirt

I just love learning about new gadgets and one in particular that has caught my eye is the Vado HD pocket video cam from Creative USA.

I'll be the first to admit that I am intimidated by most of the video cams out on the market today, but the simplicity of this one is so appealing that even an amateur like me could use it.

Don't take my word for it though. Head on over to The Dirty Shirt and read Jennifer's awesome review and see if you don't agree.
And while you're there get your name in the hat to win one.

That's right! She's giving one away to some lucky reader.
This contest ends at midnight April 30th!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Not your Mother's Book- Mobile-Kindle 2 Giveaway at

As a little girl growing up in rural Georgia, (and I mean really rural-dirt roads, paths through the woods, and unpainted houses with rusty tin roofs) I used to look forward to summer vacation as much as the next kid but for a different reason.

Not so much that I would be free to roam around and play with my friends,
climbing trees, swimming, fishing and what-ever, but my adventures were exciting to me none the less.
You see my mother had taken it upon herself to sign us up for bi-monthly visits from the Book- Mobile during her weekly trek into town for groceries.

The Book- Mobile only came during the school vacation months and I would stand outside on the day it was due
patiently looking for the red cloud of dusty Georgia clay that the lumbering old winnabago would stir up as it made it's way up the hill to our house.

After it wheezed to a stop and the Book-Mobile Lady lowered the aluminum steps down to my level, I would happily climb aboard and make my selections, sometimes painstakenly, for there was a limit on how many books you were allowed and I wanted to be sure I chose well because I was a fast reader and the time before the next visit would crawl by if I finished my selections too soon.

So there I was 10 years old, along with my Nancy Drew's clutching a fat copy of Annemarie Selinko's Desiree', because I just knew that with such a beautiful lady pictured on the jacket, that this book was going to be wonderful and last me a while.

Of course the Book- Mobile Lady peered over her glasses and stated "Oh, you're getting one for your mama too, I see".
Needless to say after that, I got quite a few books for my mama that summer-Never could quite care about old Nancy and her shenanigans after reading that one!

Which brings me to why I've taken this trip down memory lane
The Kindle 2. Or a contest to win a Kindle 2 to be precise.
You probably know that The Kindle 2 is Amazon's totally awesome electronic reader that will hold over 1500 books-imagine!

I love the idea of taking my library with me and being able to download right from the web to this slender gadget in less than 60 seconds, all without a having to use a pc.
I guess when you get right down to it-this is the "New Book Mobile"
only without limits, and you don't have to wait 2 weeks to get new books to read.
I wonder what the Book- Mobile Lady would think of this?

This amazing giveaway is being hosted by Julie Stratford of
and you can enter to win the Kindle 2 for yourself by clicking right here.
Hurry though-you only have until noon April 16th.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Mothers Day Gift Guide Giveaway

This is HUGE!!!
Take a look at all of this loot!

Here is the list of items you can win:

1-Portia Pocket Shopper in Teak from Elliot Lucca.

2-$30 dollar Gift Certificate to Alli's Originals.

3-An item from Belisi

4-A Pair of Mommy Pajamas from Karen Neuberger

5-A bag from eenamaria

6-A Built NY French Bull Laptop sleeve from Cool Computer Bags

7-An item from The Emancipation Network

8-A PhotoSharing Kit from Giftybox

9-Digital Picture Frame from Kodak

10-A $50 dollar Gift Certificate to Photofiddle

11-A $50 dollar Gift Certificate to 1 800 Flowers

12-A $25 e-gift certificate to Coco-Zen

13-An item from The Beauty Closet

14-One PUR Water Filtration with Flavor Option

15-A Patent Leather Medium Tote from Lands End

These Fabulous contests are being hosted simultaneously at
Mommy Mandy's
Rockin' Mama's
and An Ordinary Life
UPDATE-Psssssst! Just so you know-There are THREE different Elliott Lucca Bags to be won! ONE at each website!!!!WOWZER!!!!
And best of all you can get multiple entries in at all three sites!
All of the Mother's Day Gift Guide Giveaways will end on April 27th.
Happy Entering!

Friday, April 10, 2009

My Thoughts on Granny Panties

I've been a grandmother since the tender age of 42 :-)
I had barely got over the shock of turning 40 when my oldest sat me down and sprang that one on me.
I won't lie-it took some getting used to, I mean how can I be "Granny" when I've always been "Mom"?

I think I read somewhere that the famous country singer Loretta Lynn became a grandmother at age 29-damn!(Of course I think she was married at 13) She must be a Great-Great Grandma by now.

One of my good friends became a mother for the first time at the same age that I was,as I prepared for the arrival of my 1st granddaughter.
Life is funny that way.

I guess I'm musing on this because I remember both of my grandmothers as old ladies.
When I was born they were each in their 70's.
By the time I was in my teens they were both gone.

My grandchildren number three now, and I am quite used to being "Granny"
and yes, that is what they call me-nothing cute like "Nana" or "YaYa" or "MiMi":-)

My knees don't buckle when they run to me, and my back doesn't break when I scoop them up in my arms. I don't get out of breath from chasing them (well, maybe a little) and I don't take more naps than they do-at least not yet.

So I guess these Granny Panties fit me pretty good, and I'm wearing them well
but can I help it if they still say VS on the label?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Aurora Bracelet Giveaway at Hip Mama's Place

Another chance to win the gorgeous Aurora bracelet from Twisted Silver is now
up at Hip Mama's Place.
What are you waiting for? Get over there and enter already, before someone else wins your bracelet!

UPDATE!4/30/09 MOI won! I am so excited-my first Twisted win!
Many thanks to Hip Mama's Place for hosting this fabulous giveaway and of course Twisted Silver for sponsering this promotion-I tell ya Ladies-you got to be in it to win it!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Who wants the Peek?

I do! Ever since I read Tanya's review and watched her video demonstration
over at Mommy Goggles I have been itching to get my hands on one of these amazing gadgets.

Finally an inexpensive way to keep on top of my inbox without having to lug my laptop
with me whenever I leave the house.
And did I mention unlimited text messaging?

You have to check this out.Click here.
Then get back over to Mommy Goggles and enter to win one!
Hurry-this ends April 8th at midnight!

Hoover Giveaway at Life Starring Ellie and Eve and Blessings Abound

Spring is here and the Spring Cleaning must commence!
Have you heard of the Hoover Floormate SpinScrub?
It is a wonderful innovative product that vacuums,mops and dries your floors!
How's that for multi-tasking?

Right now there is a giveaway going on at Life Starring Ellie and
where you can read their awesome review of the Floormate and enter to win one of your very own.
Get on over there and enter, 'coz this one turns into a pumpkin April 28th @midnight!

You can also check out the review and giveaway going on at Blessings Abound for another chance to win this amazing product.This one will end May 6th @ 11:59pm

Can Someone Tell Me WHY?

I was browsing about for some yoga pants when I happened upon these beauties.
Why on Mother Earth would I want to buy these?
I am looking for the top 10 reasons. Feel free to be creative.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Another Favorite Thing of Mine-SHOES!

I am nuts about shoes! I mean really, what lifts your spirits better than spying just the right pair and bagging them before anyone else?

One of my favorite places to shop for shoes is DSW-Gawd-If there were a way to measure your "blood shoe level" just like you can measure your sugar level with one of those little glucometers-my numbers would be through the roof after visiting that store.
Right now there is a giveaway going on at the Sure Baby Blog for a $100 gift card to DSW! WooHoo! That's right-$100 smackaroos to feed your fetish!
You have until April 30th to enter so what are you waiting for?
Enter at Sure Baby Blog
See you there.:-)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Reliable Steamboy Giveaway

Have you seen the Reliable Steamboy Mop?
Wouldn't you like to have sparkling clean floors without harsh fumes and chemicals?

Check out the features of this innovative cleaning tool at the Reliable website
then go to Barefoot Mommy's blog and enter to win one of your very own.

contest ends April 13th.

Beautiful New Bag Giveaway!

I was just over at the Feisty,Frugal and Fabulous blog and I am excited to announce that she is hosting a wonderful giveaway right now for a stunning amykathryn handbag.
For those of you not familiar with amykathryn bags I suggest you get on over to her site and check them out.
She creates gorgeous fashion-forward bags in the most delectable combinations of color and designs that will knock your socks off.

If you want a chance to win go to Feisty, Frugal and Fabulous and get your entries in.
This giveaway will end on April 10th at 10pm.