Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You Know You Need a New Handbag When...

I was just over at
drooling over the Nicole Lee collection and just generally browsing about the site,
when I stumbled upon their blog
and I was amused at the answers people had posted to the question "8 Signs You Need a New Handbag"

I thought I'd list a few of my own here.

You know you need a new handbag when...

1)You decide to clean out your bag and find receipts from the grocery store dated from 2 years ago.

2)You check your wallet and the photos of your teenage kids are all from when they were in grammar school.

3)You find an old squashed pack of ciggs at the bottom of your purse and you kicked the habit 6 months ago.

4)Any time your best friend gets a new one.

5)Any time your husband or boyfriend buys something for his car/truck/boat.

6) Any time you buy new shoes.

8) Any time you start a new job or get into a new relationship. Fresh starts are wonderful.

9)Any time you hate your new haircut. You need something to make you feel better while it grows out.

10) and finally..You know you need a new handbag when You're watching old family videos from your dearly departed Grandmas 90th birthday party and you see yourself in the video, carrying the bag that is presently sitting on your kitchen counter. You suddenly remember that Grandma has been gone for 5 years.

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