Monday, October 27, 2008

My Review of Buying Prescription glasses online!

Ok, I promised I would come back and write about my experience with purchasing my prescription glasses from an online store and here goes.

It all started after I read a fascinating blog called glassyeyes.
I had just shelled out close to $300 for a basic pair of prescription glasses without any of the bells or whistles that I would have liked, due to the prices charged by my optometrist.

As it was, it took me a couple of weeks to get them because he refused to even make them until I had put down a 50 percent deposit. And then of course I had to pay the balance before he'd give them to me.
Well, I guess that is his right- but, nothing like being blind for 2 weeks right?

Anyhow, I knew that people could get their contacts online, so I figured I'd google around and see what was out there in the way of glasses.

Boy was I in for an awakening!

After reading the blog glassyeyes, (which is penned by a gentleman named Ira) I was shocked to learn of the outrageous markups on glasses that are charged by the brick and mortar stores.

I learned that by simply asking for my prescription I could shop around and order my own glasses, thus saving myself a ton of money. I read of others experiences and decided to see (no pun intended) for myself if this was for real.
I called my optometrist up and sweetly told him I'd be dropping by for a copy of my prescription,
(I never even knew that it is a Law that they are supposed to provide me with this)
which he begrudgingly gave me, including the PD(pupil distance measurement) I stipulated that I wanted.

I read the reviews of several online stores at and finally settled on a store called (don't laugh)
I found a pair of frames that I liked and compared the measurements against my current pair to ensure a decent fit.
I carefully entered my prescription info(checking it several times for accuracy) and proceeded to add a few options that my "expensive " glasses didn't have.
I actually was able to get photochromic coating added, which I just couldn't believe was possible for the price I paid.
After a 5% discount from using the link at glassyeyes my grand total came to $32.29!

Then I hit submit and waited.
12 days to be exact but I knew this ahead of time from reading others experiences.

Well I have my glasses now and I am thrilled with them. They arrived neatly packaged in a hard-shelled case with a cleaning cloth.
The prescription is perfect. I can see clearly. I walked out into the sunlight and they darkened to a marvelous dark grey and lightened up again when I came inside. They also have anti-glare coating which my expensive pair do not.
I am so pleased with them that I just ordered another pair with a snazzier frame.
This is like shoe-shopping!

So my heartfelt thanks to Ira and his wonderfully informative blog which you can read for yourself here.

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