Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Say S'Long to Expensive Eyeglasses!

For all you wearers of prescription eyeglasses out there,
are you aware that you need not pay those high prices for your glasses from your optometrist store?
I myself did not learn this until I had shelled out several hundred dollars for a basic pair of eyeglasses.
One day while while googling online eye wear, I came across a most fascinating blog called glassyeyes.

I never even knew that just because I had my eyes examined by my optometrist, that it did not obligate me to buy my actual glasses from him.
Had I been informed, I would've just asked for my prescription and went elsewhere and shopped around, saving myself a lot of loot in the process.

So anyhow, a few days ago I took the plunge and ordered my first pair online using my prescription. I paid a total of $32.29! Incredible! I will come back and update after they arrive and I have tried them out.
In the meantime check this out for yourself.
Here's the linky.


Click on the how it works tab and the forums reviews tab at the top of the page for some "eye-opening" reading!

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