Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Win a Good Night's Sleep at Blissful Home

Everyone needs a good night's sleep but not everyone gets one(hint):-)
I found a great giveaway today at Blissful Home.

They are giving away one of those fabulous Sleep-Number beds by Select Comfort that the Bionic Woman is always talking about on the tv ads.
Now all of us "kids" from the 70's recall that Lindsay Wagner aka Jaime Sommers
recieved bionic legs, an arm and bionic hearing after her terrible skydiving accident.
Evidently though she just kept her regular human spine so she ended up with backaches and sleeping problems just like the rest of us.

Not anymore though, coz' she has the Sleep-Number bed baby!
I want one too-Do you? Click here
and get your entry in.

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