Friday, April 10, 2009

My Thoughts on Granny Panties

I've been a grandmother since the tender age of 42 :-)
I had barely got over the shock of turning 40 when my oldest sat me down and sprang that one on me.
I won't lie-it took some getting used to, I mean how can I be "Granny" when I've always been "Mom"?

I think I read somewhere that the famous country singer Loretta Lynn became a grandmother at age 29-damn!(Of course I think she was married at 13) She must be a Great-Great Grandma by now.

One of my good friends became a mother for the first time at the same age that I was,as I prepared for the arrival of my 1st granddaughter.
Life is funny that way.

I guess I'm musing on this because I remember both of my grandmothers as old ladies.
When I was born they were each in their 70's.
By the time I was in my teens they were both gone.

My grandchildren number three now, and I am quite used to being "Granny"
and yes, that is what they call me-nothing cute like "Nana" or "YaYa" or "MiMi":-)

My knees don't buckle when they run to me, and my back doesn't break when I scoop them up in my arms. I don't get out of breath from chasing them (well, maybe a little) and I don't take more naps than they do-at least not yet.

So I guess these Granny Panties fit me pretty good, and I'm wearing them well
but can I help it if they still say VS on the label?

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