Monday, March 16, 2009

Imagine-Sparkling Clean Floors Without Chemicals!

Don't you just hate smelly old mops and hauling out pails and filling them with harsh detergents...or even worse, getting down on your hands and knees to scrub away those sticky messes?
Then of course you have to find a place to store all those cleaners and the mop.
I can recall to this day my Grandmother taking her mop outside to shake it
just in case something had decided to take up residence in it between cleaning sessions...EWWWW!(Think Earwigs)Gross!

Well thanks to the modern advances of the Reliable Corporation
we'll have no more of that!
They have come up with a wonderful product called the Steamboy mop that allows you to safely clean your floors without harsh chemicals and without having to use a stinky old string or sponge mop.
Right now if you hurry you can enter to win one of your very own over at RockinMamas
blog. UPDATE 3/17/09-You can also enter at MommyGoggles!

Be sure and watch the video demonstration to see it in action.
Hurry though, you have until March 30th to enter.

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