Saturday, March 28, 2009

Twitter, Twitter, Tweet, Tweet!

It seems like all the world is a'twitter these days.
I've been using Twitter for about a month now and I must say
it grows on you.
I down-loaded TweetDeck-(a desktop application) and I find I miss it if I don't have it up and running in the background.
I'm following more than 100 fellow tweeters or "tweeples" if you will, and at last count 93 are following me.
When I first began, every time I got an email alerting me to a new follower, I immediately returned the "twitter love" by following them back.

Now I know better-I actually go and check their profile and see what they're saying
before returning the favor.
After-all, it's all about finding common threads of interest-right?
And though I love entering contests and sweeps just as much as anyone, I'm pretty sure that my new followers who "really, really got a new laptop" by clicking that link
in their tweets probably aren't really on the same page with me.
Oh, and then there are the ones whom I'm not quite sure what their agenda is,
but why they want to know if I prefer pads to tampons, boxers or briefs,waxed or shaven...
and enjoy sharing with me and the other 1000+ people they've decided to follow what turns them on?-Well, I've learned what that Block button does.

I've actually discovered some pretty wonderful websites and new blogs to visit
since I've joined, and there are some people that I follow simply because their tweets are so friendly and positive, that I enjoy reading their quips.
Also there are others with biting sarcastic wit, (or the gift of gab as my mama would have said) that just appeal to my quirky side.

There are so many talented photographers and artists, as well as tech-savvy people
ready to help out those of us who aren't, with great tips and advice.
Many of my fellow tweeters are extremely adept at getting their point across in the 140 characters allotted which is really pretty cool.

All in all I'm finding Twitter to be a very useful and even fun thing to do in this ever-changing thing we call cyberspace.
Now excuse me, I have to run-Gotta go tweet this!


Cult Diva said...

Laws a mercy! Another twittomaniac! I just made fun of Twittering the other day on my blog, but I must say it's addictive as heck. Thanks for the following, I'm glad you're enjoying!

Dixie said...

lol-yeah-I recognized myself in your post describing the people you follow-Are you sure you don't want to win a vacuum?;)You are one funny lady-Very talented writer-thank you for stopping by.:-D

Fiona said...

I didn't "get" twitter but I think I do now and I also have found some great blogs that way!
Saw your post on Classy Closet!