Saturday, May 16, 2009

Good God! What Next?

This is going to be the first of what may become a series of postings I shall
refer to as the "Good God Chronicles"

My inspiration for this all began this morning while I was doing my usual admiring of my ever increasing "character lines" as I massaged one of my vast array of anti-wrinkle products into them.

As I tilted my head back to get to my neck , Lo and behold, what should peek out at me from my right nostril but a long black nose-hair. And I mean Loooonnnnggggg!
I could just about have flossed my teeth with that sucker!

Where the hell did it come from?
I mean it didn't just sprout up overnight did it?
Was it lying up there all coiled up, with me being blissfully unaware?
Had my friends already noticed it and were just too polite to mention it?

What to do?
I grabbed my Lacrosse ultra-fine tweezers and went to work.
Grasping the unwelcome intruder between the fine-stainless pincers I yanked-HARD!

And then I swear my right eye almost damn near fell out.
Seriously-the root must have reached to my eyeball for it watered and teared,
and the pain though brief, is now seared in my memory, and shall be known forevermore as "nose hair removal pain".

I carefully checked for others as experience tells me that these things often come in pairs.
So far, so good. Now just the wait to see how long it takes to grow back, or more likely, how many will grow back in it's place.

I will not give up without a fight.
I mean just look at what relentless tweezing did for my brows?
I certainly beat them into submission.

Then again, perhaps my brows never disappeared at all.
Maybe they just migrated lower on my face to a quiet dark cavern where they could grow wildly in peace.
Hmmmm...I'll have to think about this some more.

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The Peach Tart said...

This is hilarious and unfortunately I can relate about the facial hair that is suddenly appearing in unexpected places.