Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Peek Pronto-One of My New Favorite Things

I had never heard of The Peek until I came across an excellent review at Mommy Goggles. In fact, it was this very review that inspired me to purchase one.

For those of you who have never heard of the Peek, it is a nifty little hand-held gadget about the size of a Blackberry that enables you to take your email with you anywhere and you are able to text message with it as well.

I opted for the Peek Pronto and made my purchase at amazon.com
My total price was $79.99 with free shipping.
The only color available in the Pronto was grey so that is what I got.
(you know I love pink gadgets but oh well...)

Amazon shipped it out quickly and although I am not very tech-savvy, I had it up and connected within a few minutes of taking it out of the box.
The cost of the monthly service is a flat rate of $19.95 with absolutely no contract to tie you down-love that! And you have UNLIMITED text messaging-woohoo!

Now since I've had a few weeks to play around with my new toy I thought I'd let you folks know how I'm liking it.
I figured out how to send tweets on twitter with my Peek!
Now, no I can't see other people's tweets-who knows though-maybe that is in the Peek upgrade future.(Are you listening all you app-creating geniuses out there?)
I am very impressed with the tech support-I follow @peekinc on twitter and I have asked questions both via twitter and by emailing tech support and both times have received prompt and friendly replies.

One thing I'm not wild about though, is that if I don't use my Peek for a couple of days, when I turn it on, all of my email that I've already read and disposed of on my laptop is still on my Peek. Not a big deal-I just have to mass-delete it and bring it up to the present.
Like I said-The friendly Peekster people will probably come up with a solution for that too-who knows?

All in all, I am quite fond of this little gadget and I take it with me everywhere.
It's simple-Email and Texting-all in a thin, portable little device.
It does just what it claims, and for that I am happy. You can learn more about the Peek by clicking any of the blue links in this post.It is also available at getpeek.com

Now I just have to find a little pink case for it.:-D

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Tanya @ Mommy Goggles said...

AWESOME!! Isn't it just the coolest? I carry mine everywhere. Literally. Everywere. LOL!