Sunday, May 24, 2009

Who Knew?

Snippet of conversation today between my mother-inlaw age 87 and her baby sister age 82.

Mum:"Gawd Helen,did you watch the movie the other night with What's his name in it"?

Aunty:"No, I went to bingo-why what happened"?

Mum:"Well I don't know". "I got distracted by those damn Extend commercials they kept showing every five minutes".

Aunty: "Oh Extends-thank God I don't need to wear those yet".

Mum:"Oh Helen, not Depends-Extends-you know the pills"?

Aunty:"Pills"?"I take enough pills already"."What are they for"?

Mum: "They're for the men"."You know".

Aunty:"For the men"?"What pill for the men?"

Mum:(exasperated)"Oh for Gawd Sake's Helen, you know for the men down there".

Aunty:(perplexed)"The men down where"?

Mum:"Oh for Christ's Sake-"Down there" Their things Helen, their things"!(rolls her eyes)
"They take the pills to make their things get longer".

Aunty:(amazed) "They have pills for that"?


Banteringblonde said...

teee heee this is kinda cute!

Dixie said...

I thought so too. :-D I told my husband and I swear he actually blushed and said "My mother did not say that".lol.

The Peach Tart said...

this is so funny and i can just see it playing out

edder said...


How did you keep a straight face? Priceless.

mandatorybloghere said...