Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bloggy Award Time!

I received a lovely kudos from a most fabulously funny gal
The Peach Tart today and I want to pass it on to a few of my favorite spots also.

I'd pass it to Cult Diva of Pretty But Shallow but she already has one ;-)

So without further ado, I bestow this lovely award to the following people
who are some of my favorites from my most Fabulous Blog Roll.

1- Bantering Blonde

2- Blogmania

3- Mandatory Blog Here

4- Chic Book Reviews

5- My Friends Are Sluts

6- Ordinary And Awesome

7- Our City Lights

8- I don't Care For Your Tone

So accept this reward ladies, 'coz your writings brighten my day!


Banteringblonde said...

Thank you! you are so sweet!!!

Diana said...

thank you lovely!!

Sara Bonds said...

Thank you so much for this! I have received this award before, so I am not sure if I will post it again. However, I really appreciate that you thought of me. Thank you so much!

sorry sorry sorry said...
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edder said...

Thank you! I'm chuffed.

Cult Diva said...

Thank you honey! I finally have enough time today to go blog reading for fun. I've missed out on so many of my favorite blogs. Now I can go read some of the ones you suggested!

mandatorybloghere said...

you are so sweeeet!