Saturday, June 6, 2009

Now I'll Get That Pedicure!

After buying those cute little nothings of a sandal(see previous post)
and reading The Peach Tarts
aptly titled "Didn't Your Mama Teach You Better about those Unkempt Feet" post,
I knew I had to do something with these withered old dogs of mine.

After all, why buy pretty, strappy shoes when your feet look like you have been walking barefoot in a gravel pit for the past 10 years?
I've really neglected my feet.

The weather is so crappy up here that they spend a great portion of the year encased in socks and boots or water-proof moccasins.
I rarely think of them unless they are cold or tired.
Other than making sure they don't smell and trimming the nails, (the latter usually after the old man makes a snide comment)I pretty much take them for granted.

I thought about going over to the local nail place but frankly, I was just too embarrassed. (Yes I am one of those women who if I had a maid, I would tidy up before she came.)
So, off I go in search of a PedEgg at my local Walgreens.
No PedEgg in stock.:-(

Instead I bought another product called Pedi-Expert by Revlon.
It looks similar and works on the same principle-good enough for me.
I got it home and went to town on these puppies. Afterwards, I liberally applied some lotion to them.

Guess what?
It works!

My feet are so soft and smooth-I am ashamed I let them go for so long.
The old man actually let me put them in his lap and held them while he watched his beloved Red Sox. By God, I think he would have actually massaged them if I'd whined a little.

Anyhow-another marvelous product from my old standby-Revlon.
(Although, I'm pretty sure that had I bought the PedEgg, the results would have been the same):-)


Diana said...

i remember seeing this at target and thinking it's similar to the pedi egg, glad to know!

The Peach Tart said...

Glad for inspiring you to take care of your feet....they will highlight those beautiful new sandals...I'm heading to CVS when they open and get one of those gadgets....then I'm going for the foot rub this morning from Mr. Peach Tart watching the French Open