Thursday, July 23, 2009

Book Review: BoneMan's Daughters by Ted Dekker

I won this title from a giveaway, and I dived right in with relish a couple days ago when it arrived.
I have always enjoyed a good suspense thriller, but lately I've felt immune to a lot of them, probably because I've read so much True-Crime, and the sheer ugliness of how one human being can treat another has left me numb and a little detached.
Now that in itself must be some kind of defense mechanism-probably so I don't wind up having nightmares.
Well, enough of my amateur self-psychoanalysis.

I want to tell you about this book.

It's main character is a career Navy Intelligence Officer named Ryan Evans, who after witnessing brutality of the most barbaric kind in Iraq, has returned to the States a broken and changed man. He is determined to win back the affections of the wife and daughter that he had emotionally abandoned years before.
Too bad, so sad though.
He is too late. His wife Celine, has moved on, and his daughter Bethany totally rejects him.
Not exactly a hero's welcome home.

Enter the Boneman.
At least, that is what the press has dubbed him due to the fact that he tortures and kills his victims by methodically breaking practically every single bone in their bodies without so much as breaking the skin.
So far he has claimed six victims and has set his sights on the daughter of Officer Evans as his next.
Ironically, Evans himself has become the FBI's prime suspect for the slayings, due to the methods of torture he endured in the desert of Iraq.
The real thrills begin when Evans is forced to go on the run from the Law while at the same time trying to track down the madman who has his daughter before it's too late. In this he becomes both the Hunter and the Prey.

This book was gripping. It had the psychological edge that I think makes for a great page-turner.
Now of course I'll have to read something light and fluffy before I can tackle another thriller. You know, kind of like cleansing the palette.
And those are my thoughts.

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Sheila DeChantal said...

Oh fantastic! I won this book as well and while Ted Decker usually is so well written, he has had a couple that were how shall I say, "not so much." (Dont get me started on his book "House").

Thanks for the review.... the book is in my TBR pile and now I will know to move it towards the top. :)