Saturday, July 25, 2009

Do You Think She Knew?

My friend sent me a copy of this photo.
As I studied it I was reminded of why I will only get on the back of a Harley
as opposed to the back of a "Crotch Rocket".

On a Harley you can sit back just like you are in the saddle, with your knees bent, lightly embracing the driver.
The contoured seat makes for good posture,
thus greatly reducing road fatigue as you tool about the countryside.

Now riding a Crotch Rocket, while although "breezy looking" appears rather painful.
I think it would bother my back to be all hunched forward like that.
And what about the driver of this machine?
Notice how his or her body is bent forward with his or her upper torso engulfed in hanging bosom, and their spindly little legs are bent forward?

But who am I to judge?
I could be all wrong.
Maybe it all made for an enjoyable, comfortable ride.
I'm glad to see that they observed the helmet law.


mandatorybloghere said...

omg how embarrassing lol

f8hasit said...

That is unbelieveable!
I'm sure there is some law or another that was broken riding like that...
Not to mention the lens of the camera used to take the photo!