Thursday, July 9, 2009

Opportunity for Fashion Bloggers from Twisted Silver

Are you a fashion blogger?
I love fashion but my blog sure as hell couldn't be called a "Fashion Blog" by any stretch of the imagination-
unless of course you include my Granny Panties and Padded Bra posts-but I digress.

I wanted to give you Fashion Savvy gals a heads-up today, on for what could be a super opportunity for you and your readers!

I've done promo posts for a company called Twisted Silver before, usually as part of my own entry into one of their jewelry giveaways at other blogs.
Their jewelry is trendy, fun, fabulous and well...twisted! But aren't we all just a little?;-)

Right now they are looking for "Insiders" to share in promoting their Fall/Winter Salvage line.
14 lucky Fashion-based bloggers will get this amazing opportunity.
Not only will you receive free items of their fantastic jewelry line to wear and keep forever, but you will also be afforded the opportunity to have your own reviews and giveaways sponsored by Twisted Silver.

I told you that this was an amazing opportunity.
Check out all of the details HERE at the Twisted Blog on how to apply.
Get your application's in by August 17th!

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