Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Prescription Eyeglass Deals!

This is for everyone who wears prescription eyeglasses.
There are a couple of great deals going on right now that I'd like to tell you about.

At 39dollar you can get $20 off a pair of glasses right now.
If you wear single vision glasses they will only cost you $19 bucks plus shipping.
Or even if you wear bifocals or progressives like some of us, the same discount applies. Grab your prescription and use this LINK.
Hurry because it expires Friday 7/24 at midnight.

Now at Eyebuy they're having a buy one, get one sale until Sunday at midnight 7/26. Use this LINK to check it out.
For those of you who have never bought prescription eyewear online,
and are still throwing away hundred's of dollars at the brick and mortar stores,
I can personally vouch for how easy it is.
And how inexpensive! Buying glasses is like buying shoes-seriously-no need to walk around in out-dated or patched together frames because new glasses are so expensive.
Sarah Palin would be so jealous if she could see my eyeglass wardrobe.;-)

All you need is your current prescription.(and just so you know-your optometrist is required to provide you with a copy of this-it's the law).
Don't just take my word for it though.
You can read more testimonials by visiting
It's a great site started by a guy named Ira who is dedicated to helping consumers like you and me make informed decisions when it comes to eyewear.


mandatorybloghere said...

omg i swear i have glasses just like this

Sherry said...

A great deal indeed! There are a lot of eye wears that can be found online which come in very affordable packages. I'm glad that you posted something about such bargains.

Almost all of us in the family use prescription glasses. My brother is particularly interested with Wiley X prescription safety glasses because he uses that at his workplace. Wiley safety glasses have been known because they are used for protection by the major vanguards of security in the country like the FBI, Navy and the like. We found a good deal for Wiley's online and he was able to purchase 2 pairs.

I was looking for prescription glasses for my daughter when I came across your blog. Thanks for sharing!