Sunday, November 2, 2008

Optimize Your Fuel

Although gas prices are dropping, who couldn't use a little extra to help out at the pump?
Check out the Transit Fuel Boost button in my side bar or click here for a chance at a $25 Visa cash card.


More Miles said...

Great! You have a good chance of winning... So far you are the only legitimate entry (and you have a double entry b/c of the post and the sidebar button). We will add you to our favorites and let you know if you win.

The White House said...

I just tagged you for a meme at my family's blog. Optimize fuel is my business blog.

Dixie said...

Thank you both for visiting.
Pardon my little blog. I am new to this and sort of feeling my way along, but I am enjoying reading everyone elses that I come across.

Thanks for the meme.
I don't know what that is

Anonymous said...


I just found the comment you left on my blog (on the 100 things about me post) about Googling my other allergy, and it actually made me laugh out loud! A few other people have told me that they did the same thing :)

Love your blog, by the way! I'll definitely be back!