Thursday, November 6, 2008

When You Positively Have to Have Them....

My favorite shoe store on the web is
The selection is well...endless!
Best of all they offer FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING!
And they send you a free return label with every pair, in case your feet aren't happy with your fabulous new kickers.

I love their site-there are several ways you can browse.
My favorite being to click the type of shoe I'm in the mood for and then start from low to high
price wise.
Or just head straight to clearance and go from there.
The graphics are great. You can see your shoes from every angle and really get up close for the details.
They even tell you right at the top of the page when you can expect your order-you can track your package right to your door.
I just love stalking the UPS guy, especially when I know what he's bringing me.

Here's the linky

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Emery said...

Endless is my favorite shoe store too.